Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm a flirt! Please Help????????

I'm a flirt and lately it's become a problem. This guyfriend of mine was flirting with me and I just naturally decided to flirt back. He asked me out and I said no. A month passed and we're friends again, but he thinks I'm a total whore (which I'm not. I teach religious ed!) How can I prevent a problem like this in the future and how do I convince him that I'm not a ho????

I'm a flirt! Please Help????????
It's not you that has the problem, it was him. He thought way to harshly of you. Unless he truly had a reason behind him calling you that, like you screwing every guy you met (i'm not saying you would by the way) then yeah that would be justified. But no it was harmless flirting, everyone does it!!! Don't worry about it tho. You don't have to convince anyone of anything, i they know you and cared for you, they wouldn't think that of you.
Reply:Sounds like if flirting is becoming that big of a problem, you aren't getting the attention you want or need. You have to figure out what's going on for you to act like that and fix it. As for your friend, just talk to him and be honest, he might be just the person to help you figure out things.
Reply:how do u know he thinks about you that way, u r just feeling guilty that u flirted and then refused...i think guys understand polite rejection, if it is for all the right reasons. but is there any reason other than this that the guy would think about u in this way? are u sexually turned on all the time ? then u need to find a partner soon. its not a crime to be horny....
Reply:hmmmmmm.......come on earth you are cared about these tiny pitty stuff, i had a perception that you are a real smart babe........there is no obligation for a person to give importance to filthy shity views of damin hypocratic views and opinions. We should just be concerned with our own souls desire and need to crack them.......if i feel like having fu with different girls, why should somebody else has a grin for that........go ahead dear enjoy your life to fullest and do whatever you feel to...atlast its only and only your life, nobody else gona live it and even experience it.
Reply:you need to go out with him and tell him your problem.. dont hide it tell him the truth .. but why didnt you go out in the first place.. ??
Reply:He flirted with you first. What has he done since then to convince you that he's not a whore?

If this guy has different standards for women than he does for men, I suggest you get him a guide to caves, because that's where it sounds like he belongs.
Reply:I am a flirt don't worry!
Reply:SIMPLE ANSWER: tell him that u flirted with me so i needed to give u back an answer this does'nt make u a HOE
Reply:this to be honest is one of the issues which bugs guys about women at times .... they flirt you .... tease you ..... gives you hope and then ..... nothing ....

firstly if any friend of yours thats important to you to remain as friend ..... STOP flirting with them .... flirt with people who you dont meet alot or see alot .... because you dont want flirting to get into a good friendship ..... as it will never be the same after .....

also dont worry about convincing people about yourself ..... you know what you are .... be confident and enjoy yourself ..... any hey DONOT stop flirting ..... we need you lol

How do u flirt with ur best guy friend?

im hopeless cuz he thinx im just nice but im flirting i mean im a GREAT flirt but i cant seem to do it with him cuz wen i c him then i just cant say anything cuz my heart races andi blush and i just do a llittle giggle i mean its cute but i want to FLIRT WITH HIM!!!!!

How do u flirt with ur best guy friend?
maybe you cant concentrate because you are too hot.

try flirting without your clothes... it works better, you'll see.
Reply:That's funny - that's how my husband %26amp; I fell in love - we worked together %26amp; we were best of friends - we NEVER intended to fall in love with each other - I was in charge of his division %26amp; he is almost 20 yrs older than I am but little by little we both fell in love at the same time - I don't remember having to flirt with him or him having to flirt with me - just tell him how you feel - If you like to flirt %26amp; he has the same feelings about you then he will get the picture - once my husband %26amp; I finally got together THAT'S when all the flirting started %26amp; 10 years later we still flirt like crazy with each other!!!
Reply:Show him your ankle.
Reply:It sounds like you really have a crush on this great guy. Take a minute though to breathe.....and because he is a great friend to you, why is it so hard for you to relate to him? Crushes are someone who we idolize and dream about being that perfect man. Somehow getting to know this guy is sooner or later going to let you down into what you dreamed he would be instead of who he is.....(unless he is Superman, and he is allready taken, he's my husband....) :-) just kidding

Take some time to get to know him, ask him questions, he should love that......Remember important times for him like his birthday, his mother's birthday, etc, to show him you care about him. It isn't what you say that will win over your Superman for you, it's how you act toward him. If you are all over him, then he might just brush you aside, but get to know him, and act like a friend, because that is what you are after, a lifetime friendship, not a one time slumber party.....

Develop your friendship with him and dig a little deeper than an average friend would and make him want to see more of you.

You might even consider asking him out on a date if he is that shy, I have never done that, but would not be held back by me being a woman. Many women ask guys out. If he is gay, then you should just keep idolizing and dreaming for your Superman, but if not, you sound like a great person, so go get him! :-)

I hope the best for you, btw...
Reply:Send him an sms, even if he's in the same room with you. Something cute. Try acting a bit child-like or silly or just not the regular you around him. Make fun of him, physically play with him.

I got my friend (my crush, actually) to playfully pull on my pony-tail and that was a sign he was willing to play the game.

Tease him a little. Guys like seeing the napes of our necks especially the soft baby hairs that grow there. If you have long or medium hair pretend to do your hair in a pony tail but take your time with your hair up and your nape naked in front of him. Make it as sensual as possible. *giggles*
Reply:pounce on him - or just gt him drunk
Reply:Lay your Head, on his Shoulder And give him that pretty Little Pout, that you're known for. He'll get the hint.
Reply:just give him a kiss on chick or lips or something,if only u like him.
Reply:be like hey wanna make out?

Why does he flirt...then have a girlfriend?

i like this guy in my class alot .( we are in high school) and he flirts with me! alot! but he has a girlfriend? why would he flirt with me,and then have a girlfriend? a couple of people in class say that thye think that he likes me. and i think he likes me too! He doesnt flirt with any other girl like the way he does with me. and he even thinks i like him! which is so is he trying to make me jealous? cuz when i see him and his girlfriend in the hallway,they dont act like they are together! he just trying to make me jealous or wat do you think?

Why does he flirt...then have a girlfriend?
hes a guy and a dick think how the girlfriends feels he likes you but he has a gf so he just flirts if he wasnt with that girl he would prob go with you but i dont know if he would leave her for you and if he does he will prob do the same to you but he is prob seeing if you like him aswell ..x
Reply:Being the guy i am, i wouldnt do that unless i was planning or unsatisfied with my current girlfriend. Chances are hes gunna dump her an your next on his list.
Reply:Maybe he wants two women, or maybe his g/f does not really want to keep him happy, or maybe she doesn't even know how to keep him happy. Maybe he thinks u r smarter than his g/f.
Reply:Only if he thinks you like him. Does he think that? Maybe he's just practicing his skills. Wait a month, he'll break up with her, and you can swoop in!!
Reply:maybe he is gannah break up with his girlfrind cuz he doesnt like her anymore and ask u out and now he is just checking u out (by flirtting with u).
Reply:I sure wouldn't want a guy for a boyfriend who is going to be flirting with other girls, do you? WOuld you want to be his current girlfriend? He sounds like a game player to me. Yuk.

Of course, ....if you like him, then wait until he's out of this current relationship. If he pursues you, you be sure to tell him..Look, you have a girlfriend and you're not interested in becoming a part of a "three-ring circus".

Otherwise, you're asking for heart ache, and heart break. You want a guy who's going to be on the level.

2 flirt or not 2 flirt?

ok so im going 2 camp and last year i met this guy, we talk, i could tell he liked me, but i never got his name.

should i try 2 find him agian this year or flirt with other guys

2 flirt or not 2 flirt?
Flirt. If he's there, the chance you'll meet him is greater the more guys you know.
Reply:That's up to you, maybe he'll be there, so why don't you flirt a little while you are looking for him, that why you don't waste all your time looking for someone not there.
Reply:both. try to find him again this year and see if he still likes you and if you still like him....but still flirt with other guys...keep your options open, you don't want him to think you've been waiting all year for him.
Reply:um. both but if he likes u and u like him dont flirt w/ other ppl too much pay lots of attention to him..and try to get his did u not get it last year??
Reply:hmm if u see him yea go ahead if u cant move on
Reply:Try and find him, if he is there hang out unless he is flirting w/others, then it's your turn to flirt.
Reply:Other guys...more chances
Reply:pls try
Reply:If you really liked him and felt a connection then yes...try and find him..although if after a day or two you cannot seem to locate him..than i would just move on...there's plenty of fish in the sea!
Reply:look 4 him but flirt at the same tyme n how did u not get hiz name
Reply:u should flirt with otha guys dont get stuck on one guy

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Do guys only flirt with girls they find attractive?

There is a guy at work who flirts with me and I am curious as to if he likes me or is just flirting to flirt

Do guys only flirt with girls they find attractive?
I think guys will flirt with any woman who he feels comfortable with and seems to enjoy being around him. If he likes you that much, he probably will get around to asking you out. Good luck.
Reply:HE IS A MAN ! MEN ARE SIMPLE MINDED! He probably likes you!
Reply:depends on the man ur talking about, a lot of men flirt just to score points with as much women as possible, my suggestion is don't fall for that crap, just play hard to get n be as vague as possible, it will drive him crazy, n that way he has to work harder to get to ur soul. Trust me.
Reply:... some guys flirt with everyone--- flirt with him and see if his attitude changes, if its for the better, he likes you, if he starts to back off a little when you're both flirting with each other, he's probably just a total flirt.
Reply:not all guys do sometimes they even flirt with girls they don't like.
Reply:Some flirt just to flirt, they get an ego boost out of it.
Reply:just anyone with a vagina is all :)

Are you a flirt?

Do you consider yourself a flirt? How about an internet flirt? I think I'm a big time flirt but when I love He becomes my world.

Are you a flirt?
Is "He" God? Yes, I can be a flirt. But at times I don't realize it.
Reply:Big flirt.....Cant agree with the "becomes my world" part though.
Reply:i'll only flirt in person and it's only with someone i like. i hate it when girls flirt with every single guy! even when they don't likee him, its stupid and leading him on. :)
Reply:Big time. We should start a club LOL
Reply:what about "are you a sl*t?"
Reply:I think that I am, but that's mainly because 3years ago men were not attracted to me because of my weight. I dropped the weight and men try to get with me every time I look around so I use that to flirt because I knew I wouldn't dare to before.
Reply:no and flirting on the net is stupid!!
Reply:No, I'm too shy around new people to be a flirt. Maybe after I've known them a while and I know they know I am only kidding around.
Reply:i'm a flirt if a guy is cute and then me and my friend act like crazy around him and my friend is really weird so shell like walk up to him and ask him randon questions its so funny seeing him react
Reply:I agree with you 100%. There comes a time when you have to become serious and have that special person to love %26amp; guide you through life. I am one hell of a flirt. Every passing day I will get at least one flirt in when they least expect it. Life is made to live beautiful. Life life and love life.................I have no shame luv!

Reply:YES, A big flirt, in person and on the internet, but that just me.
Reply:U R SO HOT I AM A FLIRT!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:No, I'm totally not a flirt.
Reply:I am a flirt. I have sex with different women everyday. I think they all love me. What about you?
Reply:was one until some stupid girl hooked me up w/ one of my best friends and now I feel awkward around him and don't know my feelings toward him

Does he like me or does he just like to flirt?

there's this guy in school that whenever i sit near where he is we'll start talking and then we'll start flirting he has this thing where he pokes me in my side and i just kinda squirm when he does and then i poke him back in his side and this goes back in forth in onw day we arein class and i go to sit down and he pulls my stair with his foot and then i get it back when i go to sit down he pulls it again and i nearlly fall when he notcies but catches me the expression on his face was like Oh my god i didn't want that to happen....anyways he's a nice guy, athletic, smart but one thing that really is strange is the same day in the same class this girl and his friend point out that I'm flirting with him and say STOPING FLIRTING...and i respond to her saying shut up I'm single so i can flirt with who ever i want and i don't have a boyfriend like you but flirt with every guy at that he just stops flirting with me....does he like me? why did he stop flirting with me? HELP

Does he like me or does he just like to flirt?
he likes you and he doesn't want others to know you're flirting. when he realized others knew he stoped to keep it a secret and the rumor flying through the school.

he likes you a lot.
Reply:wow..i have the same problem but its much worse %26gt;%26gt; he always just says its fun to bother me..soo maybe the guy in ur situation is the same. just likes to bother girls because they like to see their squirmy squeakish reaction,so he could like you, or just simply love to bug you *shrugs* hope that helps some
Reply:its seems like he was just flirting. if hes stopped then something is wrong. try to see if he goes back or ask him why hes stopped talking to you. if it dosent go back to normal then he definitely dosent like you if it does then theres a chance.