Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why do guys flirt so much?


i like a guy from the workplace. However, he flirts with every girl and i don't feel good about it. seeing him flirt with other girls incurs my jealousy. I feel totally disgusted but still i can't get over him. Perhaps he is so wickedly cute snd charming.

Pls, can anybody help? I'm so confused. I want him out of my life.

Why do men flirt so much? will he change to become a faithful man?

Why do guys flirt so much?
Reply:He likes the attention and no he probably won't change his flirtatious ways.
Reply:Lots of men love to flirt - so do lots of women. Depending on the person it may be a harmless thing they do to get attention - or to give themselves an ego boost. Some people don't even realize they are flirting, they just think they are being friendly.

The cute charming witty guy can be very attractive to you, but you have to look beyond the flirting to see if he's really into you or if he's just into *everyone*
Reply:If a man flirts it does not make him unfaithful, just friendly.
Reply:oh I am a playboy too nad I flirt with everyone in this world, well. there is not a reason, it's like this!
Reply:well some guys think they are players.......
Reply:I don't know..... I also sometimes like such men. Just forget him ok? Listen to music or read a book maybe.
Reply:I flirt with then all 8 to 80 makes them feel special with no interest intended. For me it's seeing there smile or reaction. On harm,just knowing when not to is the answer.

In his case what are his intentions,is he being friendly or a player????Hope this helps.
Reply:HE IS A GUY!!!! Honey all men flirt and they dont even know that they are doin it. Some guys do it to get you jealous. Calm down and just forget about him. But honestly it is not that big of a deal!!!

GoOd LuCk,

Reply:Sometimes you have to ignore it. That may just be his personality. Truth be told, my bf is somewhat a flirt but you just have to get used to it. Besides if you do end up going out with him then he will be flirting w/ you all the time and you will get so many compliments, trust me, this is the way it is w/ my bf lol!!! Good luck and if he doesn't work out there is def. someone better for you out there :)

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