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Signs that guys flirt with other guys?

I am a guy… how do other guys flirt with guys? I am just wondering because I have guy friends and they play around but a few look as they are flirting with me. What are signs that guys flirt with other guys?

Signs that guys flirt with other guys?
Let me tell you that if you aren't out the closet, it's going to be kind of hard if you don't allow nobody to know that you're gay. I used to have guys flirt with me in a playful way and do things that I felt wasn't normal for a guy to do to another guy. I don't think I never considered that it was probably hard for them to tell me that they were gay. Well..these are 10 things that you might pick up on that someone likes you.

1. eye contact; starring

2. over friendliness

3. sexual innuendos in conversation.

4. touchy feely

5. the use of words

6. flirting

7. nervousness around you

8. calling you all the time

9. asking people where you are

10. buying alot of things for you.
Reply:I agree, DavidGC had a good answer. If you are interested in flirting then it's important to learn how, but if not don't worry about it.

The other thing to keep in mind is that straight guys do have a lot of "gay" behavior, commonly termed "lockerroom behavior" A lot of this behavior could be considered flirtatious by others who aren't in the know.

I think the big thing is that it signifies a level of intimacy, either someone wants to be intimate (meaning closer and comfortable, not just sex) or there is already a level there, such as oftentimes is found in the lockerroom.

Bottom line, if they are interested in you and you in them, then ask them. Otherwise flirt back, have fun, and don't take it too seriously.
Reply:I'll get a missle supply of thumbs down ofcourse because think like I'm from Jupiter, but what I say here is what I see all the time (I''m straight by the way):

This is very difficult to know because so many "straight" guys will do the gayest things with each other jokingly. Some do it to somehow prove to others that they're not gay/bi. Some do it to try to feel more comfortable about themselves in some way. I've always figured if a guy acts in a way that guys normally do with girls when flirting, it's still flirting, I don't care if their joking around or not.

Like this one guy I work with. He would go around this one dude who's the least masculine guy their, and tickle his sides. Thats pretty gay to me. If he did that to a girl, that would clearly be flirting. So the fact that it was a guy he was doing that too is no different to me.

This behavior makes it harder for out of the closet gays to flirt and make it obvious that they like another guy. It's kind of like a girl who pretends to be bisexual to get guys attention. Some real lesbians or bisexuals get confused about whether some girls are for real or not when flirting.

Keep a look out. I suspect many of the guys who claim their straight actually are flirting when they do gay sh*t.
Reply:'They glance give you eye contact the way they would a woman maybe brush against you. Its just a little more slickly done.
Reply:touchy feely, give off the gay vibe (a secret magic like gaydar) and see if you get it back, that's if they're not flaming of course. hints, suggestions and the like.
Reply:they ask DO YOU FANCY BUM?
Reply:When they grab your nuts playfully , but don't let go.
Reply:I'm really impressed with David GC's answer, very insightful. I'd go with what he says
Reply:It's best not to overanalyze other people in this way, unless you are gay and wondering how to spot other gay guys because you are looking for a date. Is that the case?

If it is, that's a whole separate discussion, because then your question is more along the lines of "I'm interested in another guy. How can I tell if he is flirting with me?" If you're interested in a guy who seems to be flirting with you, just try take it a little bit at a time and see if you run into any roadblocks at any point. If so, just move on to someone else. But if it leads somewhere, then you both win.

But if you're not gay yourself, it's best to just let it go and not worry about your friends' sexuality, since it doesn't really concern you and should have no bearing on the nature of your friendship. You should be comfortable enough with your own sexuality not to be bothered by or preoccupied with the sexuality of others.

There's nothing wrong with being discrete.
Reply:If it's in a play full way - then nothing about it

If it's in a play full nervous way - its flirting

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