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What Does Flirt Mean?

Hes such a flirt?

Oh he was so flirting with you?

Your such a flirt?

What do those mean???

What Does Flirt Mean?
he's such a flirt pretty much means he's cute or charming

"oh he was so flirting with you"that's a good thing(it means he likes you

"you're such a flirt"Positive or negative(you flirt a lot)
Reply:there's a little extra something toward a person that indicates an interest. it may be a stance, a look, a smile, an inflection in the voice or the words spoken. it may be a touch, a manner of dress, an invitation to lunch, dinner or a drink bought a a bar. any number of things can connotate flirting.
Reply:When he starts joking with you, always complimenting you, doing things to try and get your attention, etc... as hints to let you know he's interested in you.
Reply:I think flirting is showing someone that you are interested in them by actions and body language but without actually telling you that they are interested in you. It's kind of like beating around the bush.
Reply:as the dictionary puts it, "to show casual interest"

its hard to explain, its just... flirting
Reply:The definition of flirt means:

teasing, playful, enticing, engaging %26amp; coy. Generally, flirt means someone is trying to engage, play with someone of the opposite gender.
Reply:It means to make playfully romantic or sexual overtures towards someone,to deal playfully,triflingly,or superficially with someone.
Reply:Flirting's like hinting sexual and/or romantic interest in someone.
Reply:A flirt is a person who is overly friendly, especially the type of friendliness that is interpeted as seduction. They might do things like giggle at the other person's jokes, take their baseball cap jokingly, blow kisses, etc. Usually used with a member of the opposite sex. If someone is a flirt, it means they flirt with lots of people on a regular basis. Flirting is not the way you would act with your friends.
Reply:1) A person who is innocently overly friendly, especially the type of friendliness that is interpeted as seduction. Actions may include: giving away number, blowing kisses, caressing, and free lapdances

2) messing with a boy/girl because, a. you like them, b. you're trying to make someone else jealous,'re bored of your boyfriend/girlfriend, d. you're a stupid slut, e. you cant help yourself

--%26gt; See below link
Reply:One who plays love games, but in actuality, he/she may have no feelings for the one they are interacting .
Reply:Flirting would be giving verbal and nonverbal clues that you find someone attractive. Even when you are already in a relationship you can flirt with someone without intending to follow through on the hinted attraction. A lot of relationships, affairs, etc. start with flirting. It's one way to see if someone is interested.
Reply:Its what you do just to have fun or if you liek someone. The more technical definition is To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures
Reply:giving people sign's that you like them
Reply:flirt means that someone is trying to give hints that they like you in a boyfriend / girlfriend way.

ex : bobby likes mandy and he was flirting with her all through lunch.
Reply:flirt [ flurt ]

verb (past and past participle flirt·ed, present participle flirt·ing, 3rd person present singular flirts)


1. intransitive verb behave alluringly: to behave in a playfully alluring way

2. transitive verb flick something: to flick or jerk something

noun (plural flirts)


somebody behaving in playfully alluring way: somebody who behaves in a playfully alluring way

[Mid-16th century. Origin ?]

flirt·er noun

flirt·ing·ly adverb
Reply:Friendliness with a sexual undertone.
Reply:It means talking to someone alot and watching there body language towards you.
Reply:Flirting is a safe (distance) way of saying " I find you interesting to know more of...are you interested ? " By flirting a person is saying this message without obvious words of " do you want to go out together ".
Reply:flirt means to talk with a person openly with either male or female on any subject to a point to where it seems like it was in a sexual way that makes you feel unconfortable most the time
Reply:WOW, are you kidding me? Everyone knows what that means. But then again, you are a Hannah Montana fan, so...

Reply:It means that it's breaking the ice to find out what boundaries need to be set. he thinks your cute thats all.
Reply:flirting is when someone uses really sweet words to get you to like them. this is usually used between boys and girls when they like the other person and want to eventually date them. they use flirting to spice-up so that the other person will really like them. when someone says your such a flirt i dont totaly understand that but i believe that it is saying that he uses words to sweet talk his way into and out of situations! hope that helped! %26lt;3 Niki
Reply:Flirting means to try to get people interested in you (usually romantically/sexually).

So, if somebody tells you that your boyfriend's a flirt, you better watch out.

If somebody tells you that you're such a flirt, that means that you go around teasing the boys (or girls if you're lesbian) too much.

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